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An Analysis of the Narrative Features of Korean Occupational Genre Dramas—Taking “Hear Your Voice” as an Example

泽刘 润
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 近年来,韩国职业题材类型电视剧在创新和发展的趋势下迎来了飞跃和质变,像《听见你的声音》、《匹诺曹》等一批颇有关注度的优秀作品如雨后春笋般竞相出现。本论文致力于于韩国职业题材类型剧叙事特征的研究,选择从具体实例切入,以韩国电视剧《听见你的声音》为论据基础,以期揭示韩国职业题材类型剧在叙事方面的类型特征,分析韩国职业题材类型剧创作中的规律。 In recent years, Korean professional TV dramas have ushered in a leap and qualitative change under the trend of innovation and development. A number of outstanding works such as “Hear Your Voice” and “Pinocchio” have sprung up. This thesis is devoted to the study of the narrative characteristics of Korean occupational genre dramas. It chooses to cut in from specific examples and uses the Korean TV drama “Hear Your Voice” as the basis of the argument, in order to reveal the narrative characteristics of Korean occupational genre dramas and analyze the rules in the creation of professional genre dramas in South Korea.

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