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Learning Material Development for ’Ilm Al-Bayan Using Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach Applied in Daarul Ukhuwwah Islamic Boarding School Malang, East Java (ar)

Sciprofile linkMusalwa Musalwa
Abstract: The study starts from the awareness of the importance of ’ilm al-bayan and the difficulties faced by the students in understanding it. The difficulties due to some causes such as Arabic written books and some examples in the book are from Arabic poems using language which is hard to understand. The researcher employs R&D method of Borg and Gall. The researcher formulates three research objectives: 1) to produce learning material for ’ilm al-bayan using CTL, 2) to find out the material characteristic developed using CTL, 3) to find out the effectiveness of the material developed using CTL. The result of the study is the material development for ’ilm al-bayan using Contextual Teaching and Learning approach. In the expert validation stage, the product gains the score84.72 % (very good) from the content expert, 75.4 % (good) from the design expert, 70 % (good), from the teacher of ‘ilm al-bayan, and 84.35 % from the students who likes the learning using the developed material. The developed material using contextual approach is effective in assisting the students to understand the material of ’ilm al-bayan, proven with t test result, in which tcount is bigger than ttable for 0.05% and 0.01%, 2.508 2.819.
Keywords: CTL / Students to Understand / Developed Material / ilm al bayan

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