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Сreation of a Model of Indicative Planning

O. O. Smirnova
MIR (Modernization. Innovation. Research) , Volume 11; doi:10.18184/2079-4665.2020.11.3.266-279

Abstract: Purpose: this article is devoted to the study of issues and the creation of proposals for the formation of a model of indicative planning in the Russian Federation.Methods: the study is based on system analysis methodology. Program and strategic documents of the Russian Federation and modern scientific publications on the topic of research were used as materials for the work.Results: the author analyzed modern ideas about indicative planning and identified the problems of the lack of a systematic scientific and methodological approach in this area. Modern scientific literature does not have a single opinion on the theoretical and methodological provisions of indicative planning. Based on the analysis of foreign experience and Russian practice, the author presented proposals on the role and place of indicative planning in the system of strategic planning and project management documents in order to achieve the established development and security goals. On this basis, proposals are formulated for the formation of a domestic model of indicative planning. It was noted that the popular tools for implementing coherence, monitoring and adjusting goals through digitalization of strategic documents are part of indicative planning.Conclusions and Relevance: The approach to indicative planning is recommended as a process for the formation of a system of indicators (indicators) and the development of measures of state impact on economic processes based on indicators. In this regard, indicative planning should be considered as a combination: 1) the system of goals and objectives described by the corresponding indicators (indicators), 2) the system of measures aimed at achieving these indicators. This measure system also includes an indicative planning tool.As a toolkit, an approach is proposed that determines the conjugation of the two indicated blocks of indicative planning:architecture, which includes rules for building the system and structured on the basis of goals, objectives, indicators;tools that include balance calculations and mathematical modeling, as well as implementing on the basis of indicators the task of resource determination of goals for the development of a system of measures and management decisions.

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