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Hubungan Kepatuhan Minum Obat Anti Diabetik dengan Regulasi Kadar Gula Darah pada Pasien Perempuan Diabetes Mellitus

Oryza Dwi Nanda, Bambang Wiryanto, Erwin Astha Triyono
Published: 1 December 2018
Amerta Nutrition , Volume 2, pp 340-348; doi:10.20473/amnt.v2i4.2018.340-348

Abstract: Background: Blood glucose level controlling is the important thing for diabetes mellitus treatment. Diabetics patients need to understand the factors which influence blood glucose level such as the compliance of anti-diabetic drug.Objective: Determine the relationship and the risk of between oral anti-diabetic drug consumption adherence and blood glucose level regulation for diabetes mellitus female patients.Method: Case control study design with purposive sampling technique, in order to obtain 26 research samples which consist of two groups, they are case group (unregulated blood glucose) which has 13 samples and the control group (regulated blood glucose) whice has 13 samples. The samples are female respondents aged 45-59 years old suffering diabetes mellitus. This research analyzed the relationshipand risk between anti-diabetic consumption adherence and blood glucose level regulation in diabetes mellitus patients using chi-square test.Results: Patients with unregulated blood glucose showed 46.2% people were obedient and 53.8% were not obedient in consuming anti-diabetic drugs. Patients with regulated blood glucose showed 92.3% people were obedient and 7.7% people were not obedient in consuming anti-diabetic drugs. Chi square test showed that there was a relationship between anti-diabetic drugs consumption adherence and blood glucose level regulstion for diabetes mellitus patients with p = 0.015 (p
Keywords: mellitus / Anti Diabetic Drugs / Obedient / diabetic drugs consumption adherence / anti diabetic drug consumption adherence

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