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Research Progress of YAP/TAZ Protein Regulating Virus Infection and Immunity

邹 丰
Published: 1 January 2021
Hans Journal of Biomedicine , Volume 11, pp 8-13; doi:10.12677/hjbm.2021.111002

Abstract: YAP/TAZ介导的Hippo信号通路在生命进程中扮演重要角色,它主要调控器官大小,胚胎发育,细胞增殖以及肿瘤发生等。最新研究发现Hippo信号通路关键蛋白YAP/TAZ在调控人类病毒侵染及免疫反应中发挥非常重要的作用。文章总结了YAP/TAZ蛋白的病理学特征,重点介绍YAP/TAZ蛋白在调控人类病毒侵染、复制、诱发疾病以及免疫调控中的功能及其机理,以期为病毒致病机制研究及治疗手段开发提供新的见解和思路。 Accumulating evidence showed that YAP/TAZ mediated Hippo pathway plays a critical role in bio-logical processes, including the control of organ size, embryonic development, cell proliferation, and cancer development. The Hippo signaling pathway key protein YAP/TAZ has been found to play a very important role in human virus infection and immunity. This paper summarizes the pathologic characteristics of YAP/TAZ protein, and focuses on the functions and mechanisms of YAP/TAZ pro-tein in the regulation of human virus infection, replication, disease induction and immune regula-tion. It might give new insights into the research of viral disease and its therapy.

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