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A Study on Bismuth-Based Photochromic Inorganic-Organic Hybrid with Photoelectric Switchable Properties

强庞 久
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 光开光在很多光化学和光物理应用中起到非常重要的作用。本论文中,我们通过将BiCl3,4,4’-联吡啶,甲醇和浓盐酸混合,采用溶剂热方法制备了一例铋基光致变色无机–有机杂化材料,并对其光电导和光致发光调制性能进行了研究。光照前后,电导率由0.43 × 10−5 S·cm−1 减小到0.21 × 10−5 S·cm−1 ,并且获得了高达4次的循环稳定性,同时,光致变色过程实现了高达8倍的发光对比度。 Photoswitchable properties are very important in many photochemical and photophysical applications. In this work, a Bismuth-based photochromic inorganic-organic hybrid was prepared by solvothermal reaction with the mixture of BiCl3, 4,4’-bipyridine, CH3OH and concentrated HCl. The photoconduction and photoluminescence switchable properties have been studied. In the photochromic process, the electrical conductivity was dropped from 0.43 × 10−5 S·cm−1 to 0.21 × 10−5 S·cm−1 , with the stability of 4 cycles, and the process reached a luminescence contrast up to 8 times.

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