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A Review of Studies on the Growth of Infants Fed Infant Formula

John C Wallingford, Cynthia Barber
Current Developments in Nutrition ; doi:10.1093/cdn/nzz095

Abstract: Growth of infants fed isocaloric infant formulas differing in nutritional content was studied. Twenty-three of 109 randomized clinical trials reported some difference in weight, length or head circumference between formula groups. Logistic regression demonstrated no relationship between finding a significant difference in a growth outcome with enrollment prior to 15 d or observation of 15 wk, parameters specified in regulation. Sample size and year of publication also were not correlated with report of a significant growth difference, though reporting separate data by sex was (p = 0.012). The difference in mean weight gain between control and test formula groups was comparable to that between formula-fed and breast-fed infants (1 g/d) and smaller than that between male and female infants (4 g/d). Encouraging alternate study designs with flexible enrollment ages and infants who transition from breastfeeding to formula would gain information on physiologic outcomes and common feeding behaviors, as well as growth.
Keywords: infants / outcomes / Enrollment / behaviors / infant formulas / G/D / Fed Infant / Formula Groups

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