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Designs and applications of electrohydrodynamic 3D printing

Dajing Gao, Jack Zhou
International Journal of Bioprinting , Volume 5; doi:10.18063/ijb.v5i1.172

Abstract: This paper mainly reviews the designs of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) inkjet printing machine and related applications. The review introduces the features of EHD printing and its possible research directions. Significant progress has been identified in research and development of EHD high-resolution printing as a direct additive manufacturing method, and more effort will be driven to this direction soon. An introduction is given about current trend of additive manufacturing and advantages of EHD inkjet printing. Designs of EHD printing platform and applications of different technologies are discussed. Currently, EHD jet printing is in its infancy stage with several inherent problems to be overcome, such as low yielding rate and limitation of stand-off height. Some potential modifications are proposed to improve printing performance. EHD high-resolution printing has already been applied to precision components for electronics and biotechnology applications. This paper gives a review about the latest research regarding EHD used for high-resolution inkjet printing. A starting base is given to help researchers and students to get a quick overview on the recent development of EHD printing technology.
Keywords: additive manufacturing / inkjet printing / Ehd / Electrohydrodynamic / resolution printing / paper mainly reviews

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