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New Media, Time Management and Addiction

Niki Menelaou
Journal of Media Critiques , Volume 3, pp 145-151; doi:10.17349/jmc117312

Abstract: The negative consequences of too much engagement with the internet and the New Media on the quality of life are examined in this paper. The positive outcomes of the use of technology are also examined in terms of the bulk of work produced as a result of eliminating time and soace in communication. Additionally the element of people of different standards being brought together as they take part in the same dialogue is emphasized,which activates fluidness in speech. The piece of research also indicates the increase of time spent online, with the use of technology no longer being optional. The need for a 'mindful' use of digital technology is underlined, meaning that one should be aware of what he/she is doing on the web, cultivating an ongoing inner inquiry into how he/she wants to spend web time.
Keywords: addiction / New Media / time management

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