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Application and Exploration of Small Shed Culture Mode of Litopenaeus vannamei in Rudong

栋罗 国
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 近年来我国沿海水产养殖业蓬勃发展并取得了一些成功。在江苏省沿海如东县出现了南美白对虾的小棚养殖,该新兴养殖模式一经推出就受到农渔民争相模仿,他们利用从前的蟹棚来进行养殖并且取得了很好的经济效益和社会效益。但随着养殖行业不断发展,传统的小棚养殖已经不能满足需求。传统小棚需要进行升级改造来适应越来越高的生产条件,而自行淡化标粗、稻虾混养、跑道式改造、生物絮团技术、循环水养殖和多水产品种混合养殖为解决以上问题提供了可能。同时,利用互联网的信息实时交流分析,养殖户可以得到专家的线上指导,对提高养殖的成功率,减少养殖过程中问题的损失有着重大作用。这些升级改良措施既可以满足环保和生态要求,又可以提高养殖户的经济效益,是顺应时代的技术升级。 In recent years, China’s coastal aquaculture industry has developed vigorously and achieved some success. In Rudong County along the coast of Jiangsu Province, there is a small shed culture of Litopenaeus vannamei, which has been imitated by farmers and fishermen as soon as it is launched. They use the former crab shed to breed and have achieved good economic and social benefits. However, with the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, the traditional small shed culture has been unable to meet the demand. Traditional greenhouses need to be upgraded to adapt to higher and higher production conditions, such as self desalting standard coarse, rice shrimp mixed culture, runway type transformation, biological flocculent technology, circulating aquaculture and mixed aquaculture of multiple aquatic species provide the possibility to solve the above problems. At the same time, using the real-time exchange and analysis of information on the Internet, farmers can get online guidance from experts, which plays an important role in improving the success rate of breeding and reducing the loss of problems in the breeding process. These upgrading and improvement measures can not only meet the environmental protection and ecological requirements, but also improve the economic benefits of farmers, which is the technological upgrading in line with the times.

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