The Unintended Negative Consequences of Government Actions and Initiatives in Selected Environmental, Social and Economic Domains: Opportunities for Co-construction Approaches

Christopher R. Bryant, University Of Guelph, Ontario Agricultural College, School Of Environmental Design And Rural Development, Ontario, Canada,, Chérine Akkari, Antonia D. Bousbaine, Kénel Delusca, Oumarou Daouda, Mamadou A. Sarr, Madani Azzeddine, University Of Montréal, Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, Montréal, Canada,, University Of Liège, Department Of Geography, Laboratory Laplec, Liège, Belgium, Institute Of Science, Technology And Advanced Studies Of Haiti, Cap Haitien, Haiti,, United Nations Development Program, Program Analyst, Senior Technical Advisor, Brazzaville, Republic Of Congo,, Centre De Suivi Écologique, Dakar, Senegal,, University Of Djilali Bounaama Khemis Miliana, Faculty Of Social And Human Sciences, Department Of Human Sciences, Khemis Miliana, Algeria,
Journal of Settlements and Spatial Planning , Volume 8, pp 79-88; doi:10.24193/jssp.2017.2.01

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