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Co-constructing or Deconstructing Gender Identity? A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Bongo Flava- Song Video Niambie

Sciprofile linkMusa Saimon
Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi , Volume 12, pp 5-20; doi:10.14421/pjk.v12i1.1582

Abstract: Music like any other media provides a kind of discourse through which social aspects like gender identity of a particular related society can be co-constructed or deconstructed depending on the ideological perspective of the speaker/writer. This paper analyses Bongo Flava-song video ‘Niambie’ using multimodal critical discourse perspective so as to examine if the song involves co-construction or deconstruction of gender identity. Results show that gender identity in the song video is co-constructed in the sense that male gender is dominant over female gender alluding from patriarchal ideology through which men are supposed to dominate women in all life aspects.
Keywords: discourse / gender identity / deconstructed / co constructed / Song Video / constructing or Deconstructing

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