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Eczema with Kaposi VaricelliformEruption in Infant: A Report of One Case and Literature Review

赵 娇
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 目的:探讨婴幼儿湿疹合并卡波西水痘样疹临床及诊治特点。方法:回顾性分析苏州科技城医院收治的1例婴幼儿卡波西水痘样疹的临床资料,并结合文献进行分析。结果:婴幼儿湿疹治疗及护理不当可继发卡波西水痘样疹。结论:卡波西水痘样疹患儿早期使用阿昔洛韦联合丙种球蛋白治疗可以减轻病毒对机体的损害,缩短病程,促进皮疹愈合及脱落。 Objective: To investigate the features of clinical, diagnosis and treatment in infants eczema with kaposi’s varicella eruption. Method: An infant with Kaposi’s varicella eruption admitted to Suzhou Science and Technology Town Hospital is included. Clinical data were retrospectively studied and related literatures were analyzed. Result: Improper treatment and care of infants with eczema will lead to Kaposi varicelliform eruption. Conclusion: Early treatment with acyclovir combined with gamma globulin in infants with kaposi varicelliform eruption can reduce the damage of the virus, shorten the course of the disease, and promote the healing and shedding of the rash.

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