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Rating score of renal medical care in Ukraine 2017

M. Kolesnyk, N. Kozliuk, S. Nikolaenko
Ukrainian Journal of Nephrology and Dialysis pp 3-8; doi:10.31450/ukrjnd.2(58).2018.01

Abstract: The aim of the work was to conduct a rating evaluation of nephrological services in the regions of Ukraine by using the method of complex statistical coefficients. Materials and methods. Evaluation of nephrological services in the regions of Ukraine was made by using indicators that characterize the structure, use of health care resources, quality and efficiency of its provision submitted to National Register of patients with chronic kidney disease and patients with acute kidney injury (2017). Results. The sum of integral indicators in different areas of our analytical research has identified Top-3 regions by number: nephrologists; hemodialysis (GD) machines, patients receiving GD; patients treated with peritoneal dialysis (PD); patients with functional transplanted kidney and in the prevalence of acute kidney damage (GFR) per million population. Summary. By using rating evaluation methodology, it was identified place of relevant region by each indicator of nephrological care in the region as a whole.
Keywords: structure / chronic kidney disease / functional / care / Ukraine / Nephrological Services / Rating Evaluation

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