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Research and Application of Substation Intelligent Inspection Technology Based on WAPI Communication

阁杨 丰
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 目前,变电站智能巡检机器人普遍采用无线局域网进行通信,存在较大的网络安全问题。本文将WAPI通信技术应用于变电站智能巡检机器人系统,通过双向加密技术提升网络安全等级,并对通信基站布点方案进行优化,使之适用于500 kV变电站的巡检应用场景。研究结果表明,利用WAPI网络进行通信的智能巡检机器人在通信覆盖范围、数据传输速度、网络安全等方面相较传统通信方式都有显著提升,保障了巡检机器人安全稳定的完成日常巡检、缺陷跟踪、防疫管控等任务,是智能技术在安全生产领域的成功探索与应用。 At present, the intelligent inspection robot of the substation generally adopts wireless LAN for communication, and there are large network security problems. In this paper, WAPI communica-tion technology is applied to the intelligent inspection robot system of the substation, the network security level is improved through two-way encryption technology, and the communication base station distribution scheme is optimized to apply it to the inspection application scenarios of 500 kV substation. Research results show that the use of WAPI network communication intelligent inspection robot in communication coverage, data transmission speed, network security compared with traditional communication methods are significantly improved, ensure the inspection robot security and stable daily inspection, defect tracking, epidemic prevention control tasks, is the intelligent technology in the field of successful exploration and application.

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