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Cross-disciplinarity and Implementation of a Patrimonialization Process of the Immaterial Heritage: A Case Study of the Mythical Narratives from the Island of Corsica

Don-Mathieu Santini, Agata Nicoli, Sonia Battistelli
Journal of Media Critiques , Volume 3, pp 133-143; doi:10.17349/jmc117311

Abstract: Our communication takes place between the "cultural communication", "Communication Technology and Digital Media" and "media studies" axes. It tries hard to present the organization, the methods and the search results of an interdisciplinary team for the implementation of an effective patrimonialization process of the immaterial heritage.Our search concerns the problems of understanding, protection and transmission of the mythical narratives of our island. That requires an intertwining of anthropological, mesological, linguistic and communicational approaches to this object of study, with the aim to make elements of popular memory an alive heritage.This paper handles the patrimonialization processes of the mythical narratives stemming from the oral tradition through three key-steps namely the collection, the analysis and the valuation.The already existing productions offer tools of valuation of the immaterial heritage mainly based on the theoretical information having authority to present and to explain various "objects". However, these tools offer only little room to the imagination, understanding and transmission of the narratives. The innovative aspect of this communication lives in the fact that it considers the patrimonialization processes as a tool of a real appropriation, or reappropriation of the cultural heritage. Its major stake is to expose an inductive method, which practises the cross-disciplinarity, potentially transposable for the development of the other types of immaterial cultural heritages on other geographical zones.
Keywords: Cross-disciplinarity / Immaterial Heritage / Mythical Narratives / Territory / Valuation / Valuation

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