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Peningkatan Ekonomi Peternak Sapi Perah dan Masyarakat Desa Melalui Diversifikasi Produk Olahan Dengan Bahan Baku Susu Sapi

Aristha Purwanthari Sawitri, Purity Sabila Ajiningrum, Martha Suhardiyah
JPM (Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat) , Volume 3, pp 272-278; doi:10.21067/jpm.v3i2.2659

Abstract: People in the village of Seketi sub-district of Sidoarjo Regency Balongbendo his livelihood is as a breeder cow's milk. From the survey results and discussions with dairy farmers can note that the selling price for dairy cows is still very low, with the sale price low enough, surely cow's milk dairy farmers suffered losses. Based on problems experienced by cattle farmers, encouraging the team to perform the community service in the village of Seketi by providing training to cattle farmers and villagers about the processing of a product that is made from cow's milk that is yoghurt, training, recording of accounting and marketing products after the training. With the given training is expected to increase the economic value of cattle farmers and villagers.
Keywords: survey / livelihood / Price / cow's milk / Sapi / Villagers / Cattle Farmers

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