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Research Progress of Compound Inhibitors of Volatile Organic Compounds in Asphalt

然李 轶
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 抑制剂改性方法可以直接有效地解决沥青释放挥发性有机物(VOCs)的问题。单一种类添加剂的加入会不可避免地对沥青高低温性能产生影响,尤其吸附剂类和阻燃剂类添加剂会导致沥青的低温延伸性能劣化,且单一种类添加剂难以达到理想的抑烟效果。因此,往往将不同种类添加剂复配使用,期望在抑烟的同时不影响沥青的使用性能。本文综述了沥青VOCs的危害,介绍了沥青VOCs复合抑制剂的研究进展,并对沥青VOCs复合抑制剂研究的前景进行了展望。 The method of inhibitor modification can solve the problem of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from asphalt directly and effectively. The addition of a single kind of additives will inevitably affect the high and low-temperature performance of asphalt, especially the adsorbent and flame retardant additives will lead to the deterioration of asphalt low-temperature elongation performance, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal smoke suppression effect. Therefore, different kinds of additives are often used together to suppress smoke without affecting the performance of asphalt. This paper summarizes the harm of asphalt VOCs, introduces the research progress of asphalt VOCs composite inhibitors, and prospects the research prospects of asphalt VOCs composite inhibitors.

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