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Honourable self-defence as the basis of defence education and the optimal model for counteracting aggression

Jan Harasymowicz
Published: 1 January 2018
Osvitolohiya pp 108-115; doi:10.28925/2226-3012.2018.7.108115

Abstract: The article is an attempt to synthetically explain the theoretical, legal, ethical and methodological basis of a socially optimal model of general principles of teaching and conducting defense struggles. Competently carried out self-defense training can not generate violence and reprehensible, unlawful behaviors, can not ignore the contemporary criteria of physical, moral, psychological and social education of people. Training of combat sports and martial arts, which simultaneously fulfills the utilitarian and axiological-ethical criteria of defensive human education is called training (teaching) honourable self-defense. The author determines the main elements of an optimal and holistic model of training and formulates important conclusions regarding the need to humanize the didactic work carried out by sports and martial arts teachers.
Keywords: model / teaching / defence / sports / optimal / Arts / behaviors / ethical / martial / Honourable

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