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Comparative Analysis of the Application of Several Softwares in the Calculation of Forest Area in Forest-Related Cases

鹤滕 李
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 林地面积数量是对森林火灾案件、违法征占用林地案件、改变林地用途案件等涉林案件定性、定罪、处罚的重要依据,根据现场考察、模拟实验、实地检验、理论分析等实验方法,结合实际司法办案经验,分析几种软件在测量涉林案件林地面积计算中的准确度、用时长短、难易度。测得数据后比较不同软件测算面积时的差异性及测算效率。最终结合实际应用,确认几种软件在测量涉林案件林地面积计算中的优缺点。 The number of Woodland area is the case of forest fires, illegally occupying Woodland changing the use of Woodland and other cases concerning forestry foundation which are based on the field investigation, simulation experiment, field inspection, theoretical analysis and other experimental methods, combined with the actual judicial case experience, analysis of several kinds of software in cases concerning forestry forest land area computation accuracy of the measurement, time length, difficulty level. After the measured data, the difference and efficiency of different software in area measurement were compared. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of several softwares in the calculation of forestland area in forest-related cases are confirmed.

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