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Effect of therapeutic kinesio-taping in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: A pilot study

Zoya Khatoon Shamim Ahmed, Deepak B Anap

Abstract: Kinesio-taping is widely used in sports rehabilitation for prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. The role of Kinesio-taping has recently received renewed interest in patients with shoulder problems like shoulder impingement or rotator cuff tendinopathy.This pilot study was undertaken to check the effect of therapeutic kinesio-taping versus placebo kinesio-taping on shoulder pain, acromio-humeral distance (AHD), mobility and disability in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome.8 patients diagnosed with shoulder impingement syndrome were included in the study and they were allocated into the experimental and control group. The patients in experimental group received ultrasound therapy for 8 minutes followed by application of therapeutic kinesio-taping and in control group patients received ultrasound therapy for 8 minutes followed by application of placebo kinesio-taping. Outcome measure were pain intensity by NPRS, shoulder range of motion by goniometry, acromio-humeral distance (AHD) using ultrasonography and functional disability by SPADI assessed at baseline, immediate after taping application and 3 days post intervention. Data analyzed with Kruskal-Wallis H test and p value less than 0.05 consider as significant.Therapeutic kinesio-taping group showed significant change in AHD (p=0.04), pain.(p=0.0001), shoulder range of motion including abduction (p=0.04), internal rotation (p=0.001) and functional disability (0.04), whereas placebo kinesio-taping showed no significant improvement in outcomes. Therapeutic kinesio-taping found to be effective in increasing AHD, range of motion, decreasing pain and functional disability when compare with placebo kinesio-taping. It can be used as adjunct treatment option in patient with shoulder impingement.

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