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Adequateness assessement of percolate and temperature model using MSU Large lysimeters

K. V. Shishkin, A. A. Belik, Sciprofile linkA. A. Kokoreva, Z. S. Ezhelev
Dokuchaev Soil Bulletin ; doi:10.19047/0136-1694-2019-99-76-91

Abstract: The assessement of PEARL model adequateness was carried out on the basis of temperature and percolate data obtained by means of MSU Large Lysimeters. Lysimeters are used in experimental soil science mostly for investigating water balance and substance or ions transport from observed horizons or full soil profile. PEARL 4 model, the water prediction block of which is built on the basis of classical SWAP model, uses preferential water flow describing mechanism. Systematical observation of experimental soils in MSU Large lysimeters allowed obtaining extensive data on temperature and soil moisture dynamics, as well as percolate from bottom border. Thеsе measurements are unique and can become the basis for adaptation, verification and setting of mass and energy transfer models. It was shown, that mathematical parametric model requires adjustment for reaching reliable values of percolate from bottom border, moisture and temperature profiles. It can be achieved by selection of water retention curve (WTC) approximation parameters. It was noticed that the error for all predicted parameters increases in winter period. Thereby, the use of such matter transfer models in soil are problematic for long-term prognosis. For example, due to the annual error accumulation before the spring season such models cannot be applied for estimation of the risk of ground water pollution with agrochemicals.

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