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Analysis of the Difference of the “Qiraah Sab’ah” in Surah al-Fathihah Based on Social Linguist's Opinion (ar)

Yulia Rahmah
Abstract: The phenomenon of differences in Qur’anic reading based on seven qira’ah is one of the internalising factors of the Quraa Ulama with geographical backgrounds and languages diversity which are generated in a unified sociolinguistic discipline. The diversity in qira’ah raises its own problems and attracts observers of Arabic who criticize each other. One of them is in the aspect of reading variety of Surah Al-fatihah. This study aims to analyze and describe the views of the previous Al-Lughah Ulama on the differences in qira’ah sab'ah in Surah Al-Fathihah. In its implementation, the researcher used qualitative approach with content analysis, while the data collection techniques were carried out through primary data sources related to qira'ah sab'ah and Sociolinguistics. The results showed that the formation of two rational views of Ulama Al-lughah; manhaj Mutasahhil (tolerant) and manhaj Mutasyaddid (extreme) in response to the variety in reading of qira’ah sab'ah in Surah Alfathihah found on the fourth, sixth, and seventh verses. But Manhaj Mutasyddid put more emphasis on the seventh verse (إهدنا الصراط المستقيم) with the letter "Shad" as a language that is covenient and fusha compared to reading with the letter "Sa".
Keywords: diversity / reading / Letter / Surah / qiraâ / sab'ah

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