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The raw material potential of the Czech Republic

Beáta Korandová, Alena Straková, Jiří Beránek, Dana Vrublová
Published: 8 October 2018
Environmental Economics , Volume 9, pp 29-32; doi:10.21511/ee.09(3).2018.03

Abstract: This article summarizes the information on raw materials in the Czech Republic. Although mining was significantly reduced not long ago, there are still rich deposits of ores, non-metallic raw materials, as well as energetic and construction ones. Many of them are potentially utilizable in future, especially those which are economically favorable, and their mining is not in any conflict with environmental interests. Deposits are distributed irregularly, and their raw materials are different in both the Bohemian Massif and Western Carpathians. In order to be complete, the text also comprises deposits, which are restricted by environmental limits or their mining promises a low-cost effectiveness. The article is amended with actual statistical data.
Keywords: raw materials / text / Czech / republic / promises / Bohemian / Irregularly / Utilizable / Comprises

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