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SNPs rs11240569, rs708727, and rs823156 in SLC41A1 Do Not Discriminate Between Slovak Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease and Healthy Controls: Statistics and Machine-Learning Evidence.

Sciprofile linkMichal Cibulka, Sciprofile linkMaria Brodnanova, Sciprofile linkMarián Grendár, Sciprofile linkMilan Grofik, Sciprofile linkEgon Kurca, Sciprofile linkIvana Pilchova, Sciprofile linkOto Osina, Sciprofile linkZuzana Tatarkova, Sciprofile linkDusan Dobrota, Sciprofile linkMartin Kolisek
Published: 21 September 2019
 by  MDPI
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , Volume 20; doi:10.3390/ijms20194688

Abstract: Gene SLC41A1 (A1) is localized within Parkinson's disease-(PD)-susceptibility locus PARK16 and encodes for the Na+/Mg2+-exchanger. The association of several A1 SNPs with PD has been studied. Two, rs11240569 and rs823156, have been associated with reduced PD-susceptibility primarily in Asian populations. Here, we examined the association of rs11240569, rs708727, and rs823156 with PD in the Slovak population and their power to discriminate between PD patients and healthy controls. The study included 150 PD patients and 120 controls. Genotyping was performed with the TaqMan® approach. Data were analyzed by conventional statistics and Random Forest machine-learning (ML) algorithm. Individually, none of the three SNPs is associated with an altered risk for PD-onset in Slovaks. However, a combination of genotypes of SNP-triplet GG(rs11240569)/AG(rs708727)/AA(rs823156) is significantly (p < 0.05) more frequent in the PD (13.3%) than in the control (5%) cohort. ML identified the power of the tested SNPs in isolation or of their singlets (joined), duplets and triplets to discriminate between PD-patients and healthy controls as zero. Our data further substantiate differences between diverse populations regarding the association of A1 polymorphisms with PD-susceptibility. Lack of power of the tested SNPs to discriminate between PD and healthy cases render their clinical/diagnostic relevance in the Slovak population negligible.
Keywords: polymorphism / Slc41a1 / machine-learning / Na+/mg2+ Exchanger / Parkinson’s disease / locus PARK16

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