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On the Practical View of the Outline of Feuerbach

玲李 小
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 马克思曾在众多著作中提及实践观,其中《关于费尔巴哈的提纲》一文更是对于马克思新世界观的诞生起到了关键性的作用。该文虽然篇幅不长,但在马克思主义哲学发展历程中却起着极其重要的作用,而贯穿《关于费尔巴哈的提纲》的中心线索便是实践观。马克思从本体论、认识论、社会历史观、宗教观等层面对实践观进行了阐述,学习实践观,对于发展马克思主义哲学以及将马克思的科学实践观正确运用于当代社会具有极大的意义。 Marx mentioned the concept of practice in many works, among which the article “outline of Feuerbach” played a key role in the birth of Marx’s new world outlook. Although this article is not long, it plays an extremely important role in the development of Marxist philosophy, and the central clue running through the outline of Feuerbach is the concept of practice. Marx expounded the concept of practice from the perspectives of ontology, epistemology, social history and religion. Learning the concept of practice is of great significance for the development of Marxist philosophy and the correct application of Marx’s scientific concept of practice in contemporary society.

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