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Reporting of Resistance Training Dose, Adherence, and Tolerance in Exercise Oncology

Ciaran M. Fairman, Tormod S. Nilsen, Robert U. Newton, Dennis R. Taaffe, Nigel Spry, David Joseph, Suzanne K. Chambers, Zac P. Robinson, Nicolas H. Hart, Michael C. Zourdos, Brian C. Focht, Carolyn J. Peddle-McIntyre, Daniel A. Galvão
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise , Volume 52, pp 315-322; doi:10.1249/mss.0000000000002127

The publisher has not yet granted permission to display this abstract.
Keywords: guidelines / tolerance / science / oncology / CONSORT / CERT / Reporting of Resistance Training / PurposeWhile

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