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Preparation and Properties of Chitosan/Graphene Modified Bamboo Fiber Fabrics.

Sciprofile linkYan Wu, Sciprofile linkYuqing Bian, Sciprofile linkFeng Yang, Sciprofile linkYang Ding, Sciprofile linkKexin Chen
Published: 21 September 2019
 by  MDPI
Polymers , Volume 11; doi:10.3390/polym11101540

Abstract: Chitosan (CS) and graphene (Gr) were used to modify bamboo fiber fabrics to develop new bamboo fiber fabrics (CGBFs) with antimicrobial properties. The CGBFs were prepared by chemical crosslinking with CS as binder assistant and Gr as functional finishing agent. The method of firmly attaching the CS/Gr to bamboo fiber fabrics was explored. On the basis of the constant amount of CS, the best impregnation modification scheme was determined by changing the amount of Gr and evaluating the properties of the CS/Gr modified bamboo fiber fabrics. The results showed that the antibacterial rate of CGBFs with 0.3 wt% Gr was more than 99%, and compared with the control sample, the maximum tensile strength of CGBF increased by 1% in the longitudinal direction and 7.8% in the weft direction. The elongation at break increased by 2.2% in longitude and 57.3% in latitude. After 20 times of washing with WOB (without optical brightener) detergent solution, the antimicrobial rate can still be more than 70%. Therefore, these newly CS/Gr modified bamboo fiber fabrics hold great promise for antibacterial application in home decoration and clothing textiles.
Keywords: Chitosan / graphene / Fabric / antimicrobial properties

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