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Features of postmastomic syndrome in a patients with inflammatory breast cancer

I. I. Smolanka, A. O. Lyashenko, A. D. Loboda, D. E. Ryspaeva, O. M. Ivankova, I. V. Dosenko, I. I. Smolanka (Jun.), O. I. Sydorchuk
Likarska sprava pp 30-35; doi:10.31640/jvd.1-2.2020(4)

Abstract: Radical surgery of the breast cancer (ВС) with the radical mastectomy often lead to a dysfunction of the upper lymb on the operation side. The symptom complex of disorders is manifested by swelling, numbness, paresthesias, pain syndrome of varying severity, heaviness, convulsions, spasms, and limited mobility. It is called postmastectomy syndrome (PMS). According to literature sources, the incidence of PMS is 60–80 % of all patients undergoing mastectomy. The severity of postmasectomy syndrome in patients with an inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and locally advanced (non inflammatory) breast cancer (LABC) was compared. It turned out , that majority of patients with IBC had postmastectomy syndrome of the III degree according to Beltran while the patients with LABC (non inflammatory) – II. The limitation of mobility of the upper limb was also more pronounced in the IBC group, while the severity of pain syndrome was the same in both groups.

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