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CA-125 Significance in Cirrhosis and Correlation with Disease Severity and Portal Hypertension: A Retrospective Study

Raja Gr Edula, Sujit Muthukuru, Serban Moroianu, Yucai Wang, Vivek Lingiah, Phoenix Fung, Nikolaos T Pyrsopoulos
Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology , Volume 6, pp 241-246; doi:10.14218/jcth.2017.00070

Abstract: Background and Aims: To evaluate the prevalence and significance of elevated cancer antigen-125 (CA-125) levels in patients with cirrhosis being treated in a tertiary care liver center and its correlation with objective markers of disease severity.
Keywords: Portal hypertension / ascites / esophageal varices / MELD score / Child’s Turcotte-Pugh classification

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