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Evaluation of C-reactive protein and magnesium level in migraine patients on pre and post prophylactic treatment

Aliya Khaleel, A Shyam Sunder, G Meghana

Abstract: Migraine affects the day to day life of the sufferers with the symptoms of photophobia and phonophobia with pulsatile or non-pulsatile headache lasting from 1 to 4 hours. Prophylactic treatment or anti-migraine drugs were given to migraineurs to overcome the complications. C-reactive protein (CRP) and Magnesium level of symptomatic migraineurs, which act as biomarkers for the inflammatory cerebrovascular diseases before and after the treatment with Sodium Divalproex, Flunarizine and Propranolol. The evaluation of C-reactive protein and magnesium levels are noted along with symptoms when they first walk into the clinic. Treatment provided with Sodium Divalproex, Flunarizine and Propranolol for one month. After 1 month, the same tests are being performed. During the test at first instance, the values of pain scale were 31%, CRP value for negative were 20% and positive were 80% and pre-test of Serum magnesium level was 8.8% and at the second visit the pain scale reduced to 10.25%; CRP level was negative 25% and positive was 75%; Serum Magnesium was 9.35%. So, the significant values are being measured by the statistics, which we applied and found P=0.05. The patients who visited first didn’t come for the second visit. So, the results might vary and the patients who visited for the second time after one-month treatment, some got effective results while others remained ineffective. The reason for being ineffective is that they might have adapted to their current regimen.

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