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Comparative Study on Fish Diversity Fauna in Hengshui Lake of Baiyangdian Lake

闫 丽
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 2019年~2020年每年春夏秋共6次对白洋淀、衡水湖鱼类进行调查,结果显示:白洋淀共发现鱼类44种,隶属6目14科,鲤科鱼类占59.10%;衡水湖共发现39种,隶属于6目13科,鲤科鱼类占61.54%。利用Average Faunal Resemblance和Jaccard系数计算区系指数和相似度指数分别为62.8%和0.456。综合评价两个水域鱼类区系多样性存在紧密并接近周缘关系,群落间相似性属于轻度相似关系。 A total of 44 species of fish, belonging to 6 orders and 14 families, were found in Baiyangdian Lake and Hengshui Lake during the period of 2019~2020. Among them, cyprinids accounted for 59.10%. A total of 39 species were found in Hengshui Lake, belonging to 6 orders and 13 families, of which 61.54% were cyprinids. Using Average Faunal and Jaccard coefficients, the fauna index and similarity index are 62.8% and 0.456 respectively. According to comprehensive evaluation, the diversity of fish fauna in the two waters was close and close to the periphery, and the similarity between the communities was slightly similar.

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