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Andrii Zahorulko, Aleksey Zagorulko, Maryna Yancheva, Olena Dromenko, Mariana Sashnova
Published: 31 July 2020
EUREKA: Life Sciences , Volume 4, pp 20-26; doi:10.21303/2504-5695.2020.001370

Abstract: There have been conducted probation studies of an improved uninterrupted pasteurization set “tube in tube” that allowed to provide modern market needs of consumers in getting high-quality food products that must undergo pasteurization stages at technological production. Heat delivery by FFREHRT is used in the set for providing heat flow distribution evenness. There has been established the optimal working space of processed raw materials by studying a temperature drop in the middle of the raw material flow and at the apparatus surface. At the width of the linear ring size of the working environment as 9.5 mm and the flow speed as 0.4 m/s there is provided the least temperature drop value as 0.7 °С. At decreasing the air gap width, the temperature drop value increases and at 5.5 mm is equal to 2 °С that favors the effectiveness decrease of the pasteurization process. According to results of comparative indices of the main composition and obtained quality of pasteurized cow milk, just the experimental sample, obtained at the probation of the offered apparatus is advantageous, comparing with a traditional. It is explained by the decrease of milk temperature processing at the expanse of double pasteurization by FFREHRT, comparing with the traditional pasteurization method. The conducted studies prove the effectiveness of constructive-technological solutions for realization of pasteurization in the set “tube in tube”: the use of two-side heating by FFREHRT that due to its technical parameters is able to take any geometric form of the working chamber and at that provides the necessary evenness of heat flow distribution. We must also note the improvement of exploitation parameters of the offered set, namely facilitation of the automatic control of temperature regulation and the absence of the steam coat and correspondent armature as in the traditional apparatus that decreases metal consumption essentially. The obtained results are urgent for using the presented invention for pasteurization of different food raw materials (milk, juice, low-alcohol beverages and so on). The use of the improved pasteurizer allows to decrease resource consumption and to improve the quality of obtained products

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