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An Introduction to Asynchronous Programming with Twisted

Mark Williams, Cory Benfield, Brian Warner, Moshe Zadka, Dustin Mitchell, Kevin Samuel, Pierre Tardy
Published: 7 December 2018
Expert Twisted pp 59-107; doi:10.1007/978-1-4842-3742-7_2

Abstract: The previous chapter derived Twisted’s event-driven architecture from first principles. Twisted programs, like all event-driven programs, make concurrency easier at the expense of making data flow control more difficult. An event-driven program does not automatically have its execution suspend by block I/O when it sends more data than a receiving party can handle. It is the program’s responsibility to determine when this occurs and how to deal with it.
Keywords: architecture / Block / flow / i/o / Expense / Handle / chapter / twistedâ / Twisted programs

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