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Study on the Synthesis of Eu(TTA)3(TPPO)2

薇蔡 微
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 研究了六种不同β-二酮类化合物或芳香羧酸类化合物作为第一配体,在水浴法下对三元铕配合物合成的影响,分别用紫外可见分光光谱法、FT-IR、ICP、分子荧光光谱对三元配合物结构进行表征,计算产物纯度,分析发光性能,比较产率。并从合成方法和条件两方面对Eu(TTA)3(TPPO)2进行工艺优化。结果表明:Eu(TTA)3(TPPO)2是其中最佳稀土铕配合物;工艺优化方面,得到微波辅助法的效率高于水浴法和超声法的结论;较优工艺条件:微波辐射反应时间20 min,微波功率200 W,料液比1:15,优化条件下的产收为68.63%。The effect of six different β-diketones or aromatic carboxylic acids as the first ligands on the synthesis of Ternary Europium Complexes by using waterbath was investigated. The structures of Ternary Europium Complexes were characterized by UV-vis spectrometry, FT-IR, ICP and molecular fluorescence spectra respectively to calculate product purity. The luminescent properties were analyzed and the yields were compared. The process of Eu(TTA)3(TPPO)2 was optimized from the aspects of synthesis method and conditions. The results show that Eu(TTA)3(TPPO)2 was the best rare earth europium complex. In terms of process optimization, the efficiency of microwave-assisted method was higher than that of water bath method and ultrasonic method. The optimal process conditions were as follows: microwave irradiation reaction time 20 min, microwave power 200 W, material solid-liquid ratio 1:15. Under the optimized conditions, the yield was 68.63%.

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