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Peningkatan Adopsi Teknologi dan Mutu Kakao di Provinsi Sumatera Barat

Nusyirwan Hasan, Rifda Roswita
Jurnal Tanaman Industri dan Penyegar , Volume 4; doi:10.21082/jtidp.v4n1.2017.p23-30

Abstract: West Sumatra is one of the cacao plantation development areas in the western region of Indonesia coverages 150,319 ha. However, its productivity and quality are low due to a little adoption of cacao culture techniques and quality by farmers. One of the strategies to accelerate and expand the adoption technology is utilization of multi-channel dissemination spectrum (MCDS). This research aimed to improve the adoption of cacao technology innovations and cacao quality by cacao farmers in West Sumatra. The research was conducted at two centre cocoa areas, i.e. Padang Pariaman and Pasaman, from March until December 2013. The research activities consisted of (1) a base line survey to determine the adoption level of innovation and the need for cacao cultivation and post-harvest technology, (2) the dissemination of technology based on the MCDS model, initiated with advocacy, field school, distribution of printed media, setting up of demonstration plots of technology innovation, and a field day; and (3) the final survey to determine the effect of technology adoption on improvement of cacao quality. The results showed that a low technology adoption was associated with farmers’s education levels and experiences. The technology needed by cocoa farmers at both locations were pruning, fertilizing, side-grafting technology, developing small canals for plantation sanitation and water conservation, pest and disease control technology, fermentation and drying of cocoa beans. The average increase in the adoption of technology innovations in Padang Pariaman and Pasaman districts was 45.54% and 53.31%, respectively. The adoption of fermented cocoa beans technology increased cocoa quality tobecome a class III-A and complied with the Indonesian National Standard.
Keywords: innovation adoption / Keywords Cacao / Multi Channel Dissemination Spectrum

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