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Inter-Relationship between Global Competitiveness and Human Development- Analytical Study of Selected Countries

Mufeed Thinun Younis, Dina Ahmed Omer
Journal of University of Babylon , Volume 27, pp 358-366; doi:10.29196/jubpas.v27i2.2266

Abstract: The research aims to study the inter-relationship between global competitiveness indicators and human development indicators for selected countries (low, middle, and high income)by using Granger Test, and VAR Test. The results of the causality test showed that there is a causality relation between international competitiveness and human development. We found global competitiveness indicators has a clear effect on human development indicators in the low, middle, and high-income countries.
Keywords: causality / VaR / Global Competitiveness / Granger / Selected Countries / Relationship between Global / competitiveness and human development

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