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Buildbot and Twisted

Mark Williams, Cory Benfield, Brian Warner, Moshe Zadka, Dustin Mitchell, Kevin Samuel, Pierre Tardy
Published: 7 December 2018
Expert Twisted pp 317-338; doi:10.1007/978-1-4842-3742-7_10

Abstract: Buildbot is a framework for automating software build, test, and release processes. It is a popular choice for organizations and projects with complex and unusual build, test, and release requirements. The framework is heavily customizable and ships with “batteries included,” including support for lots of version-control systems, build and test frameworks, and status displays. Since it is written in Python, Buildbot can easily be extended with purpose-specific implementations of key components. We compare Buildbot to Django: it provides the basis on which to build complex, customized applications, but it is not as simple to set up or use as tools like Joomla or WordPress.
Keywords: Python / Ships / Customizable / lots / wordpress / Automating / easily / Heavily / BuildBot

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