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Rapid Determination of Metformin Hydrochloride in Saliva by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

苗张 高
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 为降低糖尿病患者用药安全隐患,本文利用金纳米表面增强拉曼散射效应,使用785 nm便携式拉曼光谱仪,旨在建立一种表面增强拉曼技术检测唾液中盐酸二甲双胍含量的方法。实验选取200~1000 cm−1的光谱波段,收集不同浓度盐酸二甲双胍表面增强拉曼谱图,将其特征峰强度与盐酸二甲双胍浓度进行线性拟合,两者具有较好的相关性。故而,利用金纳米粒子表面增强拉曼技术定量检测唾液中盐酸二甲双胍含量的方法具有一定的可行性,且能为糖尿病患者治疗期间提供新的药物监测方法,以便为患者制定个性化的给药方案。 In order to reduce the safety risk of drug use in diabetic patients, this paper uses the gold nano surface to enhance the Raman scattering effect, using 785 nm portable Raman spectrometer, aims to establish a surface-enhanced Raman technology to detect the content of metformin hydrochloride in saliva. The spectral band of 200 to 1000 cm−1 was selected to collect different concentrations of metformin hydrochloride surface enhancement Raman spectra, and linearly fitted the characteristic peak strength with the concentration of metformin hydrochloric acid, which had a good correlation. Therefore, the method of quantitatively detecting the content of metformin hydrochloride in saliva using gold nanoparticle surface enhancement Raman technology is feasible, and can provide a new drug monitoring method during the treatment of diabetic patients, so as to develop personalized drug administration plan for patients.

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