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THE MOVEMENT OF BALI REJECT RECLAMATION (The Phenomenological Study Of Balinese Society Movement Rejects Benoa Bay Reclamation Among #ForBALI Alliances)

Catur Nugroho
Profetik: Jurnal Komunikasi , Volume 12, pp 21-29; doi:10.14421/pjk.v12i1.1541

Abstract: Bali known as tourism area, with a distinctive culture and art that makes tourists interested to visiting Bali. Bali is now faced with 838-hectare Benoa Reclamation Bay project plan that reap the pros and cons of the community. The pros and cons that arise and become polemical due to various considerations if the project is built. One of the reactions given by most Balinese to the reclamation policy of Benoa Bay was the rejection of reclamation, then formed a community alliance incorporated in ForBALI (Forum Rakyat Bali Tolak Reklamasi). The #forbali alliance is moving massively and consistently voicing rejection of the reclamation plan. The purpose of this research is to try to find out the motives of ForBALI reject the reclamation project of Benoa Bay and to know the meaning of rejection to the plan of reclamation project of Benoa Bay. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology approach. The key informants in this study are from activists, students, and musicians that aware with environment issues about reclamation. The results of this study indicate that the five motives behind the rejection of reclamation are the urge of curiosity, the feeling of love, the fear, want to influence others, and feel lied to. The movement of rejection reclamation has a symbol that is clenching the left hand upwards.
Keywords: movement / Cons / Pros / Bali / Bay / Feel / Benoa / rejection of reclamation

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