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Designing The Arabic Learning Book Based on The Hiwar Approach for Non-Arabic Education Program at Muhammadiyah Islamic University of Sinjai (ar)

Husnaini Jamil, Nur Agung
Al-Ta'rib : Jurnal Ilmiah Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Arab IAIN Palangka Raya , Volume 7, pp 97-110; doi:10.23971/altarib.v7i2.1561

Abstract: Learning Arabic has become the inseparable part of the curriculum of Islamic universities in Indonesia. Its presence is expected to improve the students’ quality in Islamic universities. However, in fact, the Arabic language remains a frightening specter for them that is difficult to deal with. This is also still experienced by Muhammadiyah Islamic University of Sinjai while it has obligated its students to learn Arabic. The main problem stems from the lack of material suitable to the students’ ability. Compiling the teaching materials by the Hiwar approach hopefully can solve the problem. This research is based on 3 problems, the developmental process, the characteristic and the effectiveness of the teaching material. It uses the model of Borg and Gall consisting of 10 steps. During the expert validity this book is considered to be worth for use on higher learning institute. Its objectives have been proven effective after having trials on the students of the study program of shariah economic bank using the t formula.
Keywords: model / teaching / Muhammadiyah / book / Arabic Learning / Islamic University / Sinjai / studentsâ

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