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Nanoparticles Administered through Nasal Cavity and Its Progress in the Treatment of Brain Diseases

林邓 爱
Published: 1 January 2021
Hans Journal of Biomedicine , Volume 11, pp 69-74; doi:10.12677/hjbm.2021.112010

Abstract: 血脑屏障是人脑的一种重要功能性屏障,也是药物治疗脑部疾效果欠佳的重要原因。鼻腔给药作为一种非侵入性的脑部给药方式,联合纳米颗粒能有效透过血脑屏障,提高进入脑内的药物浓度,从而改善脑部疾病的治疗效果。本文章将对适用于经鼻腔给药的纳米颗粒,用于治疗脑部疾病的研究进展进行综述。 Blood-brain barrier is an important functional barrier of human brain, and it is also an important reason for the poor effect of drug treatment on brain diseases. Nasal administration, as a non-invasive way of brain administration, combined with nanoparticles, can effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier and increase the concentration of drugs entering the brain, thus improving the therapeutic effect of brain diseases. In this article, we will review the research progress of na-noparticles for intranasal administration in the treatment of brain diseases.

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