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An Analysis of the Similarities and Differences of Contemporary Chinese and Foreign Feminist Films and TV Works

泽刘 润
Published: 1 January 2021

Abstract: 女性主义或者说女权主义,从它初登历史舞台的那一刻起就一直保有着鲜活的生命力,直至今日,“女权”更是成为了遍布全球社会各界以及众多社交媒体的热词。不仅如此,随着时代的发展,社会的变迁,女性主义运动接连出现新的浪潮,这也启发了世界范围内一代又一代的中外影视导演,逐渐将女性主义思潮融入自己的影视作品创作内涵之中,为女性主义影视发展史不断添砖加瓦。本文试以对比研究的方式,来分析中外当代女性主义影视作品的异同。 Womanism, or feminism, has kept its vitality from the moment it first appeared on the stage of history. Until today, “feminism” has become a buzzword all over the world and many social media. Not only that, with the development of the times and social changes, new waves of feminist movements have emerged one after another, which has also inspired generations of Chinese and foreign film and television directors around the world to gradually integrate feminist ideas into the creative connotation of their film and television works. China continues to contribute to the history of feminist film and television development. This article attempts to analyze the similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign contemporary feminist film and television works by way of comparative research.

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