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Determining the Parameters of the Ångström‐Prescott Model for Estimating Solar Radiation in Different Regions of China: Calibration and Modeling

Sciprofile linkYujie Liu, Qinghua Tan, Tao Pan
Published: 24 October 2019
Earth and Space Science , Volume 6, pp 1976-1986; doi:10.1029/2019ea000635

Abstract: The Ångström‐Prescott model (referred to as the A‐P model) is one of the most accurate and widely used models for estimating global solar radiation (Rs). In the absence of Rs measurements, and given the regional discrepancy of model parameters, it is crucial to increase the availability of these parameters and the applicability of parameter‐predicted models in different regions. In this study, we evaluated and compared the applicability and performance of the calibrated model and 8 predictive models in terms of A‐P model parameters, using daily Rs and meteorological data from 105 radiation stations in 7 natural geographic zones in China. These models were evaluated based on their coefficient of determination (R2), root mean square error (RMSE), Nash‐Sutcliffe efficiency coefficients (NSE), percent bias (PBIAS), and global performance indexes (GPI). Results indicated that altitude was the main factor determining the Ångström‐Prescott parameters in most regions. All models performed well, with acceptable accuracy across the whole country, however, their performances varied among regions. The best performing predictive models for the northeast region (zone 1), north China (zone 2), central China (zone 3), south China (zone 4), Inner Mongolia (zone 5), northwest region (zone 6), and Qinghai‐Tibet region (zone 7) were obtained: these were models 6, 1, 7, 3, 6, 1, and 7, respectively. The present results support the application of these predictive models for the estimation of daily global Rs in the corresponding regions of China, where measured Rs data are not available, and possibly in other regions with a similar climate.
Keywords: calibration / models / radiation / solar / coefficient / Model for Estimating

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