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Review on uranium in soil: levels, migration

N. I. Sanzharova, Sciprofile linkA. N. Ratnikov, S. V. Fesenko, D. G. Sviridenko
Dokuchaev Soil Bulletin ; doi:10.19047/0136-1694-2019-100-117-132

Abstract: The problems of radioactive contamination of biosphere with the 238U in recent years have attracted a large number of experts in various fields of knowledge. Natural radionuclides are an integral part of the biosphere. They are concentrated everywhere: in rocks, in soil, water, air and food. Various types of phosphorus fertilizers and other natural ameliorants used in agriculture are also an additional source of heavy natural radionuclides. The review describes the behaviour and migration of 238U in biosphere, which depend on various factors acting simultaneously. It is noted that the behaviour of 238U in the soil depends on the forms of its presence in it and the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The processes of sorption and desorption of 238U by different soil types are significant indicators.
Keywords: migration / contamination / 238U / biosphere / natural radionuclides / Various / Additional Source / Soil Depends

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