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A Case of Lymphatic Leakage after Iohexol Treatment for Thyroid Carcinoma

楠曹 一
Published: 1 January 2020

Abstract: 甲状腺癌是最常见的甲状腺恶性肿瘤,约占全身恶性肿瘤的1%。甲状腺癌的发病率在我国每年都在攀升,该病的发病率女性大于男性。其发病机制尚在研究中,很多专家学者认为该病与放射线照射或遗传相关。目前最主要的治疗方法是手术。而术后复发率较低,但个别患者会出现术后淋巴漏。因此,本文探讨分析甲状腺癌术后淋巴漏治疗心得体会。 Thyroid cancer is the most common malignant thyroid tumor, accounting for about 1% of malignant tumors in the body. The incidence of thyroid cancer is rising every year in my country, and the incidence of this disease is greater in women than men. Its pathogenesis is still under study, and many experts and scholars believe that the disease is related to radiation exposure or genetics. At present, the main treatment method is surgery. The postoperative recurrence rate is low, but individual patients will have postoperative lymphatic leakage. Therefore, this article discusses and analyzes the experience of lymphatic leakage treatment after thyroid cancer surgery.

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