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Research on the Oxidative Chlorination of Toluene to Benzyl Chloride by Chloride Ion

白 燕
Published: 1 January 2019

Abstract: 在LED蓝光激发下,以氯离子为氯源,甲苯为底物,双氧水为氧化剂,采用氧化氯化法制备氯化苄。考察了光源及功率、反应物配比、反应温度、反应时间对产物氯化苄转化率的影响,得到了优化工艺条件,优化工艺条件下氯化苄收率40%。产物结构经IR和1HNMR确认,并采用气相色谱进行纯度检测。 Under the excitation of LED blue light, benzyl chloride was prepared through the oxidative chlorina-tion while chlorine ion was served as chlorine source, toluene as substrate and hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. Factors influencing the reaction were studied, including the light source and power, the ratio of reactant, reaction temperature and reaction time. Under the optimum conditions, the yield of benzyl chloride was 40%. The structure of the product was characterized by IR and 1HNMR. The purity of the product was determined by GC.

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