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Cintya Ramadhani, Sciprofile linkSumardi Sumardi, Bambang Gonggo Murcitro
Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia , Volume 21, pp 121-128; doi:10.31186/jipi.21.2.121-128

Abstract: [APLICATION OF TWO AMELIORANT TYPES OF OKRA PLANT PERFORMANCE (Abelmoschus esculentus) IN ULTISOL]. This study aims to determine the dosage of dolomite lime and the type of organic fertilizer that can produce the highest performance of okra plants. This research is an experiment that was compiled based on factorial CRD. The first factor is dolomite dosage, which consists of three levels; 1.11 tons/ha, 1.76 tons/ha, and 2.40 tons/ha. The second factor is the type of organic fertilizer consisting of three types; chicken manure, cow manure, and palm oil solid organic fertilizer. The results showed that the dolomite dose of 2.4 tons/ha produced the highest number of fruits/plants (5.8 fruits) and the heaviest fruit/plant weights (82.1 g). Chicken manure and cow manure produce the highest plant height performance okra (29.8 cm - 31.6 cm), the largest stem diameter (72.8 mm - 73.8 mm), the highest number of branches (3 stems), the number most fruits / plants (5 - 7) and the largest fruit / plant weight (72.4 g - 81.4 g). The interaction between dolomite dosage and organic fertilizer did not significantly affect the performance of okra plants.
Keywords: chicken / Ultisol / Cow manure / Esculentus / Okra Plants / dolomite dosage

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