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Food Diversity and Indigenous Food Systems to Combat Diet-Linked Chronic Diseases

Dipayan Sarkar, Jacob Walker-Swaney, Jacob Walker-Swaney, Sciprofile linkKalidas Shetty Kalidas Shetty
Current Developments in Nutrition ; doi:10.1093/cdn/nzz099

Abstract: Improving food and nutritional diversity based on the diversity of traditional plant-based foods is an important dietary strategy to address rapidly emerging diet and lifestyle-linked non-communicable chronic disease (NCDs) challenges of indigenous communities worldwide. Restoration of native ecosystem, revival of traditional food crop cultivation, and revival of traditional knowledge on food preparation, processing, and preservation are important steps to build dietary support strategies against NCD epidemic of contemporary indigenous communities. Recent studies have indicated that many traditional plant-based foods of Native Americans are rich source of human health relevant bioactive profiles with diverse health benefits. Based on this rationale of health benefits of traditional plant-based foods, the objective of this review is to present a state-of-the-art comprehensive framework on ecologically and culturally relevant sustainable strategies to restore and integrate traditional plant food diversity of Native Americans for addressing NCD challenges of indigenous and wider non-indigenous communities worldwide.
Keywords: indigenous / native / NCD / build / Food Diversity / Traditional Plant / Based Foods

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